Dressing for Confidence Inside and Out

Dressing for Confidence Inside and Out

Most of us get excited about new trends and fashion. Let’s face it most women love to shop and buy cool things to wear. This year I had an epiphany moment. I was stunned actually….I am in my thirties and I need to let go of certain styles and cuts, yes hard to admit but this is really happening to me.

Instead of being sad about the slight wardrobe change I celebrated the new phase and got creative. My mood and my body did indeed shift a little these past few years. So what right! Okay I have to admit maybe I was in denial, just a little bit. Understandably I should probably go to Pilates religiously or something like that but running a business and family does not always allow me to put that at the top of my list but I do try.

So on the weeks that I am not feeling very glamorous or cute while speed walking at the track. I work with my clothing and expression. Clothing is a huge confidence booster if you know how to work it. You could be stuck on a length and think this works for you, it may, or it may not!! If you are truly honest changing the length can make you feel ten times more amazing. Or try changing up your cuts and shapes. Buying a dress that you normally wouldn’t buy but buying it because you feel awesome in it. Changing it up a bit can change the way you feel for the entire day or even year.

Now I get the whole sacrifice for beauty thing but come on ladies don’t we all want to look and feel terrific, always and forever. Aren’t we all in a better mood when we are not thinking of our Crisp Blouse or Skirt bunching into our stomach? Don’t we feel carefree when we can walk and sit in the same outfit?  

As a clothing designer I am all about beauty and personal style mixed with comfort. Flattering women through clothing is my main obsession. Growing up I struggled to find those items I could wear to school happily and comfortably but also forget I was wearing. I despised tucking, pulling and bunching when walking or sitting. I wanted to delete these clothing hazards from my life. My secret to this frustration came from a curvy shape with a 5 foot 1 inch frame. That took me a bit to work around, trust me.

Most of my shopping sprees consisted of finding that amazing yet soft comfortable top and a great pair of jeans to match, or a skirt that I could mix up with all my tops and leggings. Needless to say I was a little obsessed with finding that perfect fit because it was so darn challenging for me. But the issue for me was I loved clothing and fashion, so I was forced to find that happy medium, so I could dress well and express myself.

Through my career I have watched many women try stuff on they may have been afraid to try. This exercise can be surprising for some, as it can be a bit of a shock when they feel fabulous in the piece they resisted at first. But best of all finding that style or fit in clothing can boost your confidence overall! It’s about feeling your best, so you are not distracted while taking on the world cheerfully.

So get out there and find that perfect cut, that flattering piece that works just for you! Try something you never dared to try before.  You won’t be disappointed because your inner confidence will go through the roof.  Set yourself free and jump into the wardrobe creativity expression boat! If you have fun with what you are wearing as well as pick the appropriate cuts, you will reflect true happiness out into the world.

Written by Sky Marcano


About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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