When the phrase “who cares” spoke to my inner being. I wondered why I found the phrase so funny at the time, more on that later.


As I ventured into a new venue to show Mandala Sky Clothing, I was a little nervous. We set up shop in the middle of a fun and exciting vibe, the first night of the every WOMAN show in Whistler. You see, I am an introvert by heart and an extrovert in my mind. So I can play the chatty bubbly part, anytime I need or want to. But most of my days are spent with much needed time on my own. So walking into a room full of women frolicking in the social scene was a little intimidating, yet intriguing. Rest assured it ended up being an amazing experience and fun, really!

Two booths to manage and me running like my old days of waitressing. I realized, it had been a while since I went full throttle into face to face, direct selling. The last year has been all about my online presence, built up through writing, posting and forming online relationships. I should have brought a handful of helpers, although my Mom was ridiculously hands on, to say the least.

My little work getaway may seem small and silly to some who attend these events often. To me it’s something I do for a living but my nerves always speak to me and rise up in my stomach when I walk into something new. Tip toeing into unknown territory with butterflies is who I am. Being shy is nerve racking and always a surprise to others when I tell them how shy I truly am.

The first night of workshops I was standing behind my booth and all of a sudden a Groove Instructor started blasting the music. The entire class started grooving, I couldn’t help but join in and dance like my usual dance maniac self. Half way through the instructor got down on the ground and yelled “who cares” a few times. I stopped and woke up!!! She was right, “who cares” I chuckled about it for the rest of the weekend. What a fantastic reminder about the art of letting go, and who really cares anyway. It’s just life, enjoy all the interesting paths and curves we all take, to keep on living and thriving.

The last time I spent the weekend showing Mandala Sky Clothing was the Bellyfit Convention in Victoria, over 12 months ago. The every WOMAN event was so awesome, Mandala Sky will be going back. I also look forward to the Bellyfit Summit in September!!

Internally I am celebrating the need and necessity to step out of comfort zones, move through, NOT AWAY, softly, carefully and intently.

Cheers to freedom, fun, doing different things and adventure!



About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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