Remembering something not so perfect, to remind you of how strong you are, moving forward!



Do you see something in your life as a pivotal moment going forward? Do you have something you reflect on that gives you strength and a good perspective on how far you have come? Today I realized the most challenging time in my life is what I think back to for perspective when I need a reality check. We all need reality checks right? Well if you don’t, I sure do because that is how I roll with this precious life I was somehow lucky enough to be given.

When I say “reality check” I imagine a quick zoom out from the small world we live in, a grander look at life! Some of us believe we are experiencing life through synchronicity, going through different things to arrive in different places. I am tempted to agree with events happening for a reason. Does anyone really know what life is about anyway, probably not 100%!

Moving on to my life with electric heat, washing machines, dish washers, vehicles, food in the fridge and lovely family members, I can’t really complain. But with any human we go through hard times regardless of how lucky we are. Life somehow doesn’t feel perfect, a reflection of how imperfect we are as people, I suppose. Times can be scary, unknown and basically kind of sporadic with fun times versus the normal everyday life stuff.

The feeling of imperfection always brings me to thinking about the hardest time in my life, years ago. Going back years ago always helps me see things a little clearer in the now. The time I felt like shit, scared and terrified, made me stronger, made me feisty and a little more ambitious to get myself away from the stigma attached to my life circumstances at the time. Adding fuel to my fire, I say bring it on, face it and try to get something good out of something that feels bad.

Sounds odd, I know but one of the hardest time in my life developed into a little shining star in my mind and in real life. Plus the shining star actually turned into my beautiful 20 year old daughter who I love more than life itself. I was suddenly a young single mother, one of the scariest things a young girl can go through. We have choices, we can jump in feet first, feel what is going on and swim through, lucky I am a pretty good swimmer or I could have drowned.

A reminder to those struggling, scared and wondering, it ends, you get through it, trust me!

Happy Sunshine, love and bubbles in the Sky.

About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity.
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