Poetic Writing About Our New Online World, Different For Some, Same For Others.

Poetic Writing About Our New Online World, Different For Some, Same For Others.


When online, it is like living in a sound proof bubble with an old ghetto blaster. The glass bubble is warm and safe and music or video is optional. Go and sit in the grass if you prefer.

Interruption is rare and when you scream, no one can hear you, see you or be in your human space, the only thing that comes out is the text you paint onto the page in front of you. Your voice is now a typing motion.

Our lives have changed, unless you are one of the few who opted out of joining in the pool of online interaction. Then you live a life without silent communication. In our bubble we can read article after article, or look at beautiful pictures.

We can sometimes feel alarmed at strange visuals being put in front of us. Of course we can choose to use Skype or upload a quick prerecorded video to include our voice. The bubble surrounds us, as we choose when to post, what to post and how to talk online.

We can still be safe in our bubble without our online communities seeing our daily lives, our soft nature, or hard nature, whatever is human about us, cannot be seen or enjoyed daily, only if we choose to walk outside our bubble.

The bubble is quiet and interesting, sort of like a new world, a different way of living and seeing. The bubble has lots of things to do, lots of creative inspiration and many things to read.

Some may say they don’t like the new online world, some may say it is the future and new generations will not know anything different.

The small glass gadgets all lit up and pretty make it extra exciting to connect to online socializing and cause us to have an overload of information and communication through typing. We slowly creep step by step into our bubble world, one day thinking how different things are compared to the 1990’s.

But we still go with it, bending with the new way of being online; we still walk into it, filled with curiosity and interest. Because our online lifestyles are so different than before, we can ponder the difference or jump around high into the sky glassed bubble, giggle, laugh and play.

To some, online bubbles are rejected and they opt out, to each his own. Some of us enjoy the online bubble and some of us don’t.


About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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