My Best Intention NOT To Drag My Heels As a Self Employed Entrepreneur Aiming for FREEDOM!!!

My Best Intention NOT To Drag My Heels As a Self Employed Entrepreneur Aiming for FREEDOM!!!

Waking up fresh and inspired the glory of the rest of the day to do productive inspiring activities. The coffee is brewing; the morning is bright and filled with great potential. I sip with eager contentment, ideas’ buzzing through my head and the energy is strong, or maybe it’s just the last gulps of coffee talking! Today I plan to create a few sales pages in Coffee Cup, no pun intended. Have a meeting with my clothing rep, post on social media, create a few new photographs, maybe a quick photo shoot, shower, workout, design a few new tee shirt graphics, edit a quick video and upload it. Outsource my production and communicate thoroughly through email and phone. Lately I seem to learn something every day in The Freedom Hackers Mastermind Group by Kimra Luna.

Climbing the latter through imaginative business building.

Climbing the latter through imaginative business building.

SO my intention is YES I can tackle this ALL with vigor and excitement. Fully aware that I have the best intentions and my work excites me!!!! But here I sit, knowing my sales page needs to be done by the evening and I toss myself over here to write something that inspires me, at this very moment. I have to write it NOW or the words may escape me, quickly as I could potentially lose the thoughts whipping through my brain!!!

I love social media, I love the Mastermind group I just joined, tried 4 or 5 before I found the one I mentioned above. And I love the fact that I know 100% of success and building a business takes extreme focus and passion!!! But my point is, so many of the things I write design and contribute to collective conversations and projects happen because of spontaneous artistic FREEDOM!!!! I am addicted to FREEDOM therefore believe that this very FREEDOM allows me to develop what I need to in a not so perfect way!!!

I linger between knowing and wanting to be perfectly organized and scheduled and being obsessed to having freedom to be creative when it strikes me, at ANY time during the day……………

So off I go to fight my “heels from dragging” and appreciating what is and how I operate. I hope everyone can see we are all unique and work under different circumstances and we get fired up for different reasons, each one being individual. I challenge you to do what makes you happy and what keeps you inspired. Please comment below with your own unique way of working? Or maybe a more organized way of working?


About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity.
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