What Do You Think Of Naked Yoga?

I am not sure what you think, but I have a few gut instincts about the idea. First, I may consider “alone naked yoga” at my local living room in my own house! I suspect most people are not really into it, or maybe the thought just takes a little digesting before venturing out to a naked yoga class. Who knows, I haven’t really read through any articles, just scanned the title on my news feed, so I really don’t have a clue what mainstream society thinks of the idea.

I consider myself pretty comfortable in my body. Grew up in a hippie type community and even went to a few nude beaches. So I get the whole nude thing. BUT the thought of doing some of the yoga poses that come to mind kind of stops me in my thought wave, a halting stop!! What if you lost balance and fell over in a slump, buck naked!! What if you had someone behind you while doing a rag doll pose? This could happen to you my friend.

Nude or full outfit?

Nude or full outfit?

In all seriousness I am curious to know more about it, as I write my first reaction to the classes. Heck maybe by 2016 I will write something about how life changing my naked yoga classes are. I am open to anything really and of course see the humor in it, right away! But not everything is as funny as I sometimes make it. Halfway through writing this I broke down and Googled for more information. Here is a blurb from yoga.about.com “If you are very comfortable in (and showing) your skin, you will probably feel right at home in a nude yoga class. However, nude yoga advocates feel that students who want to work on their body images stand to benefit the most.”

On another note I am probably bias, I have a few Yoga Pant designs that kind of make you feel naked anyway!

Namaste, Sky


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