3 Reasons I feel Terrified, Nervous and Excited to go Away in February.

1. Excited ~ Of course it’s exciting to get away from it all. I am excited because I will get time to visit with my Cousin, Aunt and Mom in a relaxed setting. I am excited to see a new place, enjoy some warmer weather, wander on the beaches and take photos. Yes!!! Of course I will take a few photo of Mandala Sky Clothing on the beach, how could I not! Being in a different place always sparks new inspiration and a different perspective; this can be good for coming up with new plans and goals. Now this is a really honest reason to get away. I get to leave my domestic bliss at home!!! Yes I will cook and clean a little when I am away but my domestic routine will be different, this concept, I love!!!

2. Nervous ~ I am nervous I will miss my son, husband and daughter too much. Probably unlikely as everyone needs time apart. But I do get nervous my son will need me, want to talk to me or possibly forget about me, just kidding!!! My son is 14 and very different than when my daughter was 14. My daughter was boisterous outwardly and my son is a deep thinker. I used to be nervous about flying, nowadays my mantra is “I can’t control everything, you don’t have control Sky” this really helped me get over my fear of flying. Occasionally with turbulence I will freak out a bit but generally I feel calm getting onto a plane.


3. Terrified ~ I pretty much get terrified leaving my work routine. I wonder if buildings will fall, things will collapse if I go and relax a bit. I have decided to bring a laptop and work a bit in the evenings while away. If I feel inspired, I will have a tool, something to write, design and connect on. I am currently fantasizing about being able to unplug for the first 5 days straight, literally NOT go online and no working unless it is writing or drawing. But we will see. Those who know me well know this will be a challenge. I challenge you to try it? Or if you unplug easily comment and let us know how you do this peacefully??

Wish me luck! Sky


About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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