4 Reasons I love Printing Clothing and How to Design Prints.

4 Reasons I love Printing Clothing and How to Design Prints.

1. Bringing an idea to life and then making it into wearable fashion is pretty freaking cool if you ask me. Drawing is the seed of inspiration but wrapping the idea into a stylish piece of clothing is even more challenging and satisfying when it becomes reality. Turning paper drawings into clothing will always be one of the things I love to do most!


2. When the original drawing is turned into a crisp fresh image that can be printed professionally with clean lines and ink, this is very exciting for a designer. The smooth lines and paint like feel add a unique quality to the fabric that I really enjoy looking at. I will never get tired of looking at freshly printed ink!

3. Possibilities!! Once you have a design decided and then made into a screen print you are good to go. Think of the layering ideas with different colours, think of the placement. I truly love the possibilities; once the screen design is decided, artistic freedom here we come!!!


Click here to see scarf.

4. I personally hand draw all of my new screen print ideas. Sometimes I use pencil and then the computer but other times I go straight to the computer. I usually choose things that I find have a natural flow, or fluidity to them naturally. The peacock feather is an example of drawing something that looks like it is moving, through movement I find magic! You can find a screen printer you like or burn your own screens. For larger productions I always outsource my screen printing and leave it to the professionals. Lately I have dabbled in doing my own printing and LOVE it!!!


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Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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