3 Reasons Why I Designed The Love Hoodie and How to Wear it.

3 Reasons Why I Designed The Love Hoodie and How to Wear it.

1. I had two tops a few years ago that were very popular. People loved them and bought them in multiple colours every season. I woke up one day thinking I would LOVE to join the two designs together giving the design both qualities in one style! So the creation began!!

2. The length of the hoodie was a priority. I wanted women to have a pullover long enough to go over Jeans and Leggings. Basically something you could pull over your bum! I wanted a design that was easy to wear, comfortable and soft with a feminine edge!


3. I also wanted a hood that looks like a shawl or wrap. The opening around the neck makes it easy to layer a beautiful scarf resting nicely around the face area, adding more femininity!!! Contrast the scarf with a bright colour or basic black.

How to Wear It

1. Match with a great pair of Leggings or Boots.
2. Find a beautiful scarf to go with the Hoodie.
3. The arms are slim so you can easily wear a cardigan or Jacket over it without bunching.
4. Feel comfortable while wearing something flattering, feel great all days and forget about your outfit when wearing this Hoodie.

Hoodie will be available soon!

Sky’s Clothing Here.



About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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