I Dream of Being.

Reading this made me feel more connected to my truth.

Kayti Writes

It seems as though Los Angeles has become synonymous with chasing your dreams. I often hear people asking new friends, “What’s your dream?” Los Angeles is full of dreamers. People who have followed something inside of themselves. It’s a place where people flock with hope, and I have too.

A year ago I was in my 2nd year of teaching, while also leading a teacher advocacy organization in Charlotte. I would often find myself dreaming of moving back home to California. But not for the same reason as most do, for myself I dreamed of finding a lightness of being, a space to reclaim parts of myself I felt I had lost in the busyness of doing. I imagined running on the sand, messy beach waved hair, conversations with enlightened strangers, and reconnecting with my own free spirit.

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Although many land here in hopes of doing something big, I have dreamed of…

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Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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