Why I Love the Three P’s in My Life: Productivity Procrastination and Passion!

Why I Love the Three P’s in My Life: Productivity Procrastination and Passion!

I made a deal with myself that I would write a short Blog everyday or at least 6 days a week for the next year. For many reasons but one of them being, I am trying to form a new habit, habits usually become effortless, quick and efficient after awhile. But this morning when I was writing a short blurb about a trip I am taking I had a light bulb moment. I will procrastinate ANYTHING number related, costing, sales reports and so on. I came up with a concept because of this very issue TODAY, observing that I am procrastinating a sales report that will literally take me 5 minutes!!!! Just so I can write my Blog or do something enjoyable. Procrastination drives me crazy!!! I know it is wrong but I still occasionally do it, like a child not wanting to do chores.

The idea is, trade one for one. So allow yourself to do one enjoyable project but the next task should be something not so enjoyable. The other idea is to just do all the things you want to put off NOW and then the rest of the day will be all the cool interesting projects!

Okay here goes! Why I love all three P’s.


Productivity – Having serious productivity in your life can be essential to stamina and feeling like you have accomplished something. You can get great satisfaction from finishing a project and doing well during the day. I find once something is completed it gives me a little boost of self esteem and a feeling of importance. So in my opinion, being productive should not be put off.

Procrastination – I guess I don’t really love procrastination but I love knowing when I procrastinate. I am pretty sure what I put off is probably exactly what I need to outsource ASAP. Being aware of what you don’t want to do is a great piece of knowledge and can help you organize your business or life better, so that you can be happier and more content.

Passion – Well, passion is my true love, what would I do without passion? I wouldn’t procrastinate as much so I can work on my passion projects. I wouldn’t be excited for my coffee and work every morning if I didn’t have passion. Passion is like water to me; it replenishes and constantly inspires the spirit.


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