Why I try to do something terrifying, scary and different almost every week.

Lately I have been rebelling against my own self talk. Basically I get in my own damn way. I tend to over think things, can you relate? I envy people who are not deep thinkers because I believe they can navigate a little easier through life. But I am learning to embrace the positives that go along with deep thinking and over analyzing.

Okay so I am literally writing this blog, after the above paragraph I decide to check my email. I get a response to one of my ideas that scared the shit out of me a couple days ago. The response is positive and from someone high up in my local community. Two days ago, I decided to post a question about a workshop idea I had brewing. Completely out of my comfort zone, but I forced myself to push the “post” button and put it on a very public wall. The lesson I learned today, is keep trying. I have posted some pretty interesting ideas, some I get a great response from, some I don’t get much response at all.

My new theory is, failing is okay but you have to keep going and keep trying because you really don’t know what will stick. You know when you have an idea, you get excited and then maybe you take a step back and get scared to try it. This year, if I get scared, I am doing it anyway because over and over I can see that some things work and some things don’t and that’s okay. Because the good ones are meant to be!

Some ideas about how to get started with doing things that scare you.

– Feel the fear, be okay with it and let go of caring so much about what people think.

– If you feel excited and really want something, it could be a great idea that needs to happen, so ask a few people what they think.

– Think of it as a point system, you get points for trying and the more points you get the more likely something will stick. After awhile you are bound to find an idea that works really well.

– Keep trying; don’t give up, just around the corner you may come around to the most amazing ocean view. Experimenting is a bit of mystery but also the beauty of life!



About mandalasky

Clothing designer, mother, lover of art, dancing, music, family. Inspired by the inner beauty in others. I see fashion as an expression of personality and creativity. http://mandalasky.com/
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