Why I Love the Three P’s in My Life: Productivity Procrastination and Passion!

Why I Love the Three P’s in My Life: Productivity Procrastination and Passion!

I made a deal with myself that I would write a short Blog everyday or at least 6 days a week for the next year. For many reasons but one of them being, I am trying to form a new habit, habits usually become effortless, quick and efficient after awhile. But this morning when I was writing a short blurb about a trip I am taking I had a light bulb moment. I will procrastinate ANYTHING number related, costing, sales reports and so on. I came up with a concept because of this very issue TODAY, observing that I am procrastinating a sales report that will literally take me 5 minutes!!!! Just so I can write my Blog or do something enjoyable. Procrastination drives me crazy!!! I know it is wrong but I still occasionally do it, like a child not wanting to do chores.

The idea is, trade one for one. So allow yourself to do one enjoyable project but the next task should be something not so enjoyable. The other idea is to just do all the things you want to put off NOW and then the rest of the day will be all the cool interesting projects!

Okay here goes! Why I love all three P’s.


Productivity – Having serious productivity in your life can be essential to stamina and feeling like you have accomplished something. You can get great satisfaction from finishing a project and doing well during the day. I find once something is completed it gives me a little boost of self esteem and a feeling of importance. So in my opinion, being productive should not be put off.

Procrastination – I guess I don’t really love procrastination but I love knowing when I procrastinate. I am pretty sure what I put off is probably exactly what I need to outsource ASAP. Being aware of what you don’t want to do is a great piece of knowledge and can help you organize your business or life better, so that you can be happier and more content.

Passion – Well, passion is my true love, what would I do without passion? I wouldn’t procrastinate as much so I can work on my passion projects. I wouldn’t be excited for my coffee and work every morning if I didn’t have passion. Passion is like water to me; it replenishes and constantly inspires the spirit.


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3 Reasons Why I Designed The Love Hoodie and How to Wear it.

3 Reasons Why I Designed The Love Hoodie and How to Wear it.

1. I had two tops a few years ago that were very popular. People loved them and bought them in multiple colours every season. I woke up one day thinking I would LOVE to join the two designs together giving the design both qualities in one style! So the creation began!!

2. The length of the hoodie was a priority. I wanted women to have a pullover long enough to go over Jeans and Leggings. Basically something you could pull over your bum! I wanted a design that was easy to wear, comfortable and soft with a feminine edge!


3. I also wanted a hood that looks like a shawl or wrap. The opening around the neck makes it easy to layer a beautiful scarf resting nicely around the face area, adding more femininity!!! Contrast the scarf with a bright colour or basic black.

How to Wear It

1. Match with a great pair of Leggings or Boots.
2. Find a beautiful scarf to go with the Hoodie.
3. The arms are slim so you can easily wear a cardigan or Jacket over it without bunching.
4. Feel comfortable while wearing something flattering, feel great all days and forget about your outfit when wearing this Hoodie.

Hoodie will be available soon!

Sky’s Clothing Here.


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I Dream of Being.

Reading this made me feel more connected to my truth.

Kayti Writes

It seems as though Los Angeles has become synonymous with chasing your dreams. I often hear people asking new friends, “What’s your dream?” Los Angeles is full of dreamers. People who have followed something inside of themselves. It’s a place where people flock with hope, and I have too.

A year ago I was in my 2nd year of teaching, while also leading a teacher advocacy organization in Charlotte. I would often find myself dreaming of moving back home to California. But not for the same reason as most do, for myself I dreamed of finding a lightness of being, a space to reclaim parts of myself I felt I had lost in the busyness of doing. I imagined running on the sand, messy beach waved hair, conversations with enlightened strangers, and reconnecting with my own free spirit.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Although many land here in hopes of doing something big, I have dreamed of…

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How To Find 3 Answers To Your Deepest WHY. What is your Why? Why do you do what you do?

How To Find 3 Answers To Your Deepest WHY. What is your Why? Why do you do what you do?

I am doing this exercise for myself because as I work away, passionately, sometimes I wonder why I am doing it. Obviously I have a few core reasons, why I do what I do. But I think for 2015 I want something definitive. I will share this with you, although a little personal, I think it’s good for accountability and may help someone else find their WHY!

So I am going to start with choosing 3 reasons WHY I do what I do.

1. First thing that comes to mind is I feel my happiest when connecting with other women online and creating styles they enjoy. I feel connected to my true self when I am doing what I feel is right and good for me and others. Although times haven’t always been easy, after eleven years of designing, it still happens, I still create new things. I still wake up in the morning and have ideas running through my head. True contentment and happiness is part of my why.


2. Building a solid foundation for my children and having a well run business is important to me and I hope to lead by example at the same time. Business building and creating a sustainable existence is important to me but mostly for the ones I love, who surround me. I want to pass along knowledge and the idea that you don’t have to give up on a dream, keep dreaming and it seems to happen.


3. Very soon my business will allow me to travel and work at the same time. Being able to adventure around the globe and work at the same time is a huge WHY for me, maybe a little selfish. I think travelling will increase my inspiration and bring true beauty to my insight and growth. Travel along with swimming is my WHY. Sounds kind of funny, yet it’s very simple. Enjoying family, friends, cooking, work and playful laughter is extremely important to me.

4. I was planning 3 but just before posting I realized how much I want to see other women succeed in life. Knowing what I have learned through good times and bad, I really want women to see their own gifts, potential and magic they can offer the world. I’ve had a few harsh times in my life, so through that time, if I could have said something to my old self, it probably would have been “don’t give up”.

Now it’s your turn, can you let me know what your WHY is? I would love to read it. Have a happy adventurous day today, or maybe just some tea and a good book!

Sky: Clothing Here

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4 Reasons I love Printing Clothing and How to Design Prints.

4 Reasons I love Printing Clothing and How to Design Prints.

1. Bringing an idea to life and then making it into wearable fashion is pretty freaking cool if you ask me. Drawing is the seed of inspiration but wrapping the idea into a stylish piece of clothing is even more challenging and satisfying when it becomes reality. Turning paper drawings into clothing will always be one of the things I love to do most!


2. When the original drawing is turned into a crisp fresh image that can be printed professionally with clean lines and ink, this is very exciting for a designer. The smooth lines and paint like feel add a unique quality to the fabric that I really enjoy looking at. I will never get tired of looking at freshly printed ink!

3. Possibilities!! Once you have a design decided and then made into a screen print you are good to go. Think of the layering ideas with different colours, think of the placement. I truly love the possibilities; once the screen design is decided, artistic freedom here we come!!!


Click here to see scarf.

4. I personally hand draw all of my new screen print ideas. Sometimes I use pencil and then the computer but other times I go straight to the computer. I usually choose things that I find have a natural flow, or fluidity to them naturally. The peacock feather is an example of drawing something that looks like it is moving, through movement I find magic! You can find a screen printer you like or burn your own screens. For larger productions I always outsource my screen printing and leave it to the professionals. Lately I have dabbled in doing my own printing and LOVE it!!!

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3 Reasons I feel Terrified, Nervous and Excited to go Away in February.

1. Excited ~ Of course it’s exciting to get away from it all. I am excited because I will get time to visit with my Cousin, Aunt and Mom in a relaxed setting. I am excited to see a new place, enjoy some warmer weather, wander on the beaches and take photos. Yes!!! Of course I will take a few photo of Mandala Sky Clothing on the beach, how could I not! Being in a different place always sparks new inspiration and a different perspective; this can be good for coming up with new plans and goals. Now this is a really honest reason to get away. I get to leave my domestic bliss at home!!! Yes I will cook and clean a little when I am away but my domestic routine will be different, this concept, I love!!!

2. Nervous ~ I am nervous I will miss my son, husband and daughter too much. Probably unlikely as everyone needs time apart. But I do get nervous my son will need me, want to talk to me or possibly forget about me, just kidding!!! My son is 14 and very different than when my daughter was 14. My daughter was boisterous outwardly and my son is a deep thinker. I used to be nervous about flying, nowadays my mantra is “I can’t control everything, you don’t have control Sky” this really helped me get over my fear of flying. Occasionally with turbulence I will freak out a bit but generally I feel calm getting onto a plane.


3. Terrified ~ I pretty much get terrified leaving my work routine. I wonder if buildings will fall, things will collapse if I go and relax a bit. I have decided to bring a laptop and work a bit in the evenings while away. If I feel inspired, I will have a tool, something to write, design and connect on. I am currently fantasizing about being able to unplug for the first 5 days straight, literally NOT go online and no working unless it is writing or drawing. But we will see. Those who know me well know this will be a challenge. I challenge you to try it? Or if you unplug easily comment and let us know how you do this peacefully??

Wish me luck! Sky

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5 Reasons Why I Love Being Part of an Online Mastermind Group with over 4000 People.

1. Surprisingly Enjoyable – First of all I am thankful for the pleasant surprise of enjoying such a large community. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Mastermind group that helped me feel more comfortable inquiring about technical internet stuff. For an entrepreneur it can be a little tricky to get the right information so quickly. After trying 4-5 groups, finding this one stuck and this was a shocker!

2. Questions – When you have a question and you post in Mastermind group, you can almost immediately get 5-6 responses, giving you multiple perspectives and opinions.

3. Opinions – When you need an opinion from someone, you don’t have to wait around; you can just go into the group and find someone to ask, on the spot.

4. Collective Thinking – Being part of a collective group is extremely valuable because you are receiving information from many different brains. This can be especially beneficial because so many different people can produce a very smart consensus.

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com

5. Goals – Finding people in one group with similar interests, talents and goals can be very validating when you are setting new goals for yourself. Or working on new projects that you want to complete. You can publicly discuss the idea or project so it almost makes it more viable and possible just by talking about it. Almost like positive reinforcement verbally and publicly.

Please comment by telling us what you think of online Mastermind groups?


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Reasons Why I Love Having a Cool Contest on the Mandala Sky Facebook Page

3 Reasons Why I Love Having a Cool Contest on the Mandala Sky Facebook Page.

1. I love having a cool contest on the Mandala Sky Facebook page because it is so freaking fun to see what people comment on and the best part is interacting with everyone! Doing a contest once or twice a year is a great way to communicate with you all. The Rain Jacket is one of my personal favorite designs and I truly love seeing people appreciate the unique design features.

Purple Rain Jacket by Mandala Sky

Purple Rain Jacket by Mandala Sky

2. As a designer I get to know YOU all a little more during a contest. More people seem to drop by and say hi, more people check out Mandala Sky. I learn more about YOU too. If you like what is being given away and you are genuinely excited this seems to make for happy posts and feedback, this all makes me smile.

3. If I sense excitement from you all and you want to enter the contest. I get even more excited about the contest. The style I offer as a giveaway seems more exciting to me too! I guess on a selfish note it validates the style choice and generally gives me more reason to keep creating clothing for you all. I feel thankful. SO a BIG thanks to all that have entered so far!

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What Do You Think Of Naked Yoga?

I am not sure what you think, but I have a few gut instincts about the idea. First, I may consider “alone naked yoga” at my local living room in my own house! I suspect most people are not really into it, or maybe the thought just takes a little digesting before venturing out to a naked yoga class. Who knows, I haven’t really read through any articles, just scanned the title on my news feed, so I really don’t have a clue what mainstream society thinks of the idea.

I consider myself pretty comfortable in my body. Grew up in a hippie type community and even went to a few nude beaches. So I get the whole nude thing. BUT the thought of doing some of the yoga poses that come to mind kind of stops me in my thought wave, a halting stop!! What if you lost balance and fell over in a slump, buck naked!! What if you had someone behind you while doing a rag doll pose? This could happen to you my friend.

Nude or full outfit?

Nude or full outfit?

In all seriousness I am curious to know more about it, as I write my first reaction to the classes. Heck maybe by 2016 I will write something about how life changing my naked yoga classes are. I am open to anything really and of course see the humor in it, right away! But not everything is as funny as I sometimes make it. Halfway through writing this I broke down and Googled for more information. Here is a blurb from yoga.about.com “If you are very comfortable in (and showing) your skin, you will probably feel right at home in a nude yoga class. However, nude yoga advocates feel that students who want to work on their body images stand to benefit the most.”

On another note I am probably bias, I have a few Yoga Pant designs that kind of make you feel naked anyway!

Namaste, Sky

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My Best Intention NOT To Drag My Heels As a Self Employed Entrepreneur Aiming for FREEDOM!!!

My Best Intention NOT To Drag My Heels As a Self Employed Entrepreneur Aiming for FREEDOM!!!

Waking up fresh and inspired the glory of the rest of the day to do productive inspiring activities. The coffee is brewing; the morning is bright and filled with great potential. I sip with eager contentment, ideas’ buzzing through my head and the energy is strong, or maybe it’s just the last gulps of coffee talking! Today I plan to create a few sales pages in Coffee Cup, no pun intended. Have a meeting with my clothing rep, post on social media, create a few new photographs, maybe a quick photo shoot, shower, workout, design a few new tee shirt graphics, edit a quick video and upload it. Outsource my production and communicate thoroughly through email and phone. Lately I seem to learn something every day in The Freedom Hackers Mastermind Group by Kimra Luna.

Climbing the latter through imaginative business building.

Climbing the latter through imaginative business building.

SO my intention is YES I can tackle this ALL with vigor and excitement. Fully aware that I have the best intentions and my work excites me!!!! But here I sit, knowing my sales page needs to be done by the evening and I toss myself over here to write something that inspires me, at this very moment. I have to write it NOW or the words may escape me, quickly as I could potentially lose the thoughts whipping through my brain!!!

I love social media, I love the Mastermind group I just joined, tried 4 or 5 before I found the one I mentioned above. And I love the fact that I know 100% of success and building a business takes extreme focus and passion!!! But my point is, so many of the things I write design and contribute to collective conversations and projects happen because of spontaneous artistic FREEDOM!!!! I am addicted to FREEDOM therefore believe that this very FREEDOM allows me to develop what I need to in a not so perfect way!!!

I linger between knowing and wanting to be perfectly organized and scheduled and being obsessed to having freedom to be creative when it strikes me, at ANY time during the day……………

So off I go to fight my “heels from dragging” and appreciating what is and how I operate. I hope everyone can see we are all unique and work under different circumstances and we get fired up for different reasons, each one being individual. I challenge you to do what makes you happy and what keeps you inspired. Please comment below with your own unique way of working? Or maybe a more organized way of working?

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