Why I Feel Better and More Well Rounded After Doing Something That Scares the Crap Out of Me!

The Process is really freaking scary, going out of your comfort zone and changing up your routine is sometimes hard to do. Since 2015 has come into reality, I have been trying to do things that make me a little nervous, to prove to my self I am not staying the same. I am here, as far as I know, only once, on this planet. So as I am curving around the road to the big 40, I can see the light and the big light beam says, no time like the present.


My perspective has changed, you can’t always get what you want, but damn it’s worse if you just talk about it, instead of do it. I feel terrible if I know that I have chatted about an idea too much without at least trying to implement it. Or stop talking about it, choose one.

I asked a few people in my local community if they were interested in taking a workshop I really felt driven to host. Fir the record, I have never hosted my own workshop and it was almost a full day of info. The response seemed great! So I chose a date and starting booking spots within a week. Totally scary and completely out of my comfort zone, as I am half introvert if not all!!! But I am still running on the happiness bubbles I feel when I think of something I did recently, that made me really nervous to think about. But after it was completed and people showed up!! I feel calm, I feel happy and secure that some of my ideas have the potential to work out!!

I don’t think all of my ideas work, just some. But when they do, it make me feel that much closer to being a bit braver, a bit more adventurous and in the end I just feel more well rounded and happy.

Thoughts for this week by Sky!

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3 Reasons Why I Felt The Need to Host a Workshop About Online Marketing and Business.

1. Sometimes when I am working on my own, learning new things, implementing them and finding success and failure. I feel lonely with my own thoughts and ambition. For over a year I felt a deep pull, to go beyond what I do on my own and share some of the things I have put into action and learned selling my designs online. Almost as if I had a moment of clarity where I felt a need to share this info with others.

2. I want to help other people go beyond what they think they can do. I want people to see that tools, support, a bit of hard work and the right resources can help you get more exposure online. Implementing the right structure can be really helpful growing a business online.

3. I had a breakthrough moment where I felt the importance of connecting and sharing with others. I started to feel like, what is the point in having all these ideas without being able to connect and share with others. I realized that the journey should be about sharing information and helping others so we can all rise together and be successful together.

Looking forward to doing this locally and then in the future, far and beyond!


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4 Tips for Starting an Online Business and How to Keep Going.

1. Start – Starting seems so simple but a few years back I had to make a conscious effort to begin the process. Making agreements with yourself and a few close friends can really help the starting point. Sometimes I think starting is the hardest part.

2. Experiment – Start watching how other people do business online and what seems successful. Don’t worry too much about how your business is different. Try fundamental marketing strategies outside of your niche. Different things work for different business. Stay original with your creations and your sales technique.

3. Research – Keep a watchful eye all around you, when online. Be open minded to all the different things going on. Be okay with change because we live in a world of rapid change, especially online.

4. Perfection – Always be perfect, just kidding. Once I let go of trying to be perfect or the same as some huge company I became more okay with being me and doing the best that I can with what I have. Let go, try hard and sometimes being productive is more valuable than striving for perfection.

Start a mantra for you, an example would be, I will never give up, don’t give up, and keep going. If you keep doing, keep working and continue to try things. You will learn so much just through the act of doing. Some of it may feel like a waste of time if it doesn’t work. But really it is the lump of things you are doing that increases your success rate. Having fun is very helpful too. Try things you enjoy and stuff you like.


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Is It Possible To Control Things You Don’t Have Control Over? NO But I want too!!!


I could possibly be type A, but I don’t actually know. I do know I get a little antsy when things don’t go perfectly or at least as planned. Part of my weekly routine is watching the clock, looking at the calendar, posting reminders and basically trying to maintain complete control over deadlines and projects. This is not reality, I know. But clinging to these ideas of perfection and getting things done on time is my strength, the rope I hang onto.

wellness-594181_640 (1)
My weakness is in the thinking of when and how my projects can be completed and rolled out properly. Sadly life happens, shit happens and events are imperfectly organized into a messy little ball. Sometimes I think people are here, living out battles and challenges that are meant to teach us something. I have yet to learn why my perfectionist behavior is my teacher. Probably so I can learn to laugh it off and let it go. Enjoy life, my inner voice is telling me, stop being so uptight.

Here’s the thing, being aware of the lesson, the life challenge doesn’t make it disappear. We can only embrace it, learn from it and do the best we can. I have a hard time even admitting this is an issue for me. Part of me just wants to dance in the sunlight and swim all day. The other part thrives on getting things done, creating new projects and finishing them!!

So NO, we can’t control everything, we must do the best we can and then let go.


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I Wish It Was Summer.


Picture 014


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Why I try to do something terrifying, scary and different almost every week.

Lately I have been rebelling against my own self talk. Basically I get in my own damn way. I tend to over think things, can you relate? I envy people who are not deep thinkers because I believe they can navigate a little easier through life. But I am learning to embrace the positives that go along with deep thinking and over analyzing.

Okay so I am literally writing this blog, after the above paragraph I decide to check my email. I get a response to one of my ideas that scared the shit out of me a couple days ago. The response is positive and from someone high up in my local community. Two days ago, I decided to post a question about a workshop idea I had brewing. Completely out of my comfort zone, but I forced myself to push the “post” button and put it on a very public wall. The lesson I learned today, is keep trying. I have posted some pretty interesting ideas, some I get a great response from, some I don’t get much response at all.

My new theory is, failing is okay but you have to keep going and keep trying because you really don’t know what will stick. You know when you have an idea, you get excited and then maybe you take a step back and get scared to try it. This year, if I get scared, I am doing it anyway because over and over I can see that some things work and some things don’t and that’s okay. Because the good ones are meant to be!

Some ideas about how to get started with doing things that scare you.

– Feel the fear, be okay with it and let go of caring so much about what people think.

– If you feel excited and really want something, it could be a great idea that needs to happen, so ask a few people what they think.

– Think of it as a point system, you get points for trying and the more points you get the more likely something will stick. After awhile you are bound to find an idea that works really well.

– Keep trying; don’t give up, just around the corner you may come around to the most amazing ocean view. Experimenting is a bit of mystery but also the beauty of life!


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8 Reasons Why I designed the Flower Dress or Skirt.


1. A girl always needs something to wear on the beach, easy to slip on and off when and if you feel like jumping in the water.

2. The full skirt for fit is amazing and what woman wouldn’t look great in this flowing flattering cut!

3. If you have spent the day on the beach and you feel like going to a moonlit dinner, you can grab your favorite wrap and snuggle in for a beautiful meal.


4. Versatility! Having an item that can transform into a shawl, skirt, dress or a skirt that you can tie up on the side and show off your legs is pretty awesome.

5. Travel with this style, packing this baby up is easy and simple, soft breathable fabric. Best travel piece I have found yet!


6. Season free! Trust me when I tell you this Dress/Skirt is truly season free! You can grab this dress in the Fall and layer it with delicious Sweaters, Leggings and beautiful Boots.

7. Comfortable, having a comfortable yet feminine piece in your wardrobe is a must, nothing like having something that feels great but looks stylish too.

8. The longer length and edge of the design literally moves with your body and feels incredible!!!

I am thinking about bringing this design back soon! In a few different beautiful colours. If you want to stay updated about new styles, click here to sign up.


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5 Tips About How to Build a Wardrobe You Feel Good in All Day.

1. Be honest with yourself and give away anything in your closet that makes you feel crappy when you wear it. I know you absolutely love some of these pieces and cannot imagine giving them away. If you are really attached, box them up and ship them out of the closet for now. I urge you to try this because if you get rid of styles that make you feel icky, then you will never feel this way again, get rid of the problem.


2. Focus on the styles that make you feel incredible!!! Make two categories, one section, you feel 100% amazing in and the others you feel pretty good in most of the time.

3. When shopping for new things, make sure they match up with styles you already have. Of course follow the same rule, only buy things you feel amazing in. The idea is to kick styles to the curb that are not increasing your true awesomeness.

4. Try following these rules for a month and forget about your outfit, enjoy your life without having to worry about your wardrobe. Think of it as a feel good diet. The more you feel great, the more you can enjoy moving, walking, working and being!

5. Notice the fabrics you feel the best in. At a young age I noticed fabrics and textures made a huge difference in the way clothing fit. Choose things that let your skin breath and flatter your beautiful self. Pick the fabric you feel best in and get rid of the rest. If you are on a budget this may take a year or more but if you are thinking about it consciously you will eventually find success and feeling great is worth it!

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How to Draw a Simple Dress in Adobe Illustrator: Line Drawing Vector Graphic

A quick overview about drawing a simple dress in Adobe Illustrator.

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4 Reasons Why I Love Designing New Styles and Doing PreSales – Plus a Sneak Peak: Spring 2015

whimsical spring

1. Designing new styles is what I live for but even more exciting is getting your feedback. The surprise is always unexpected. I feel like I never truly know what you will like, love or dislike, so I am always learning something new.

nature chic

2. Typically deciding what to design is hard for me, like a kid in a candy store. Designing a few ideas, in sketch mode, or real life samples actually narrows it own for me. So creatively designing a few ideas is inspirational gold!!

3. Putting a PreSale on is still really fun for me. As a designer I hope that by the time you get to look at a PreSale it is something you appreciate. The PreSale style is carefully selected based on what you are asking for and my desire to create styles you love. Styles you enjoy include wearable, comfortable, stylish and unique pieces. Pieces you can match with other parts of your wardrobe but most of all styles you feel fantastic in, all day!

4. PreSales are like preordering giving you an opportunity to get a colour and size you want. The great thing about a PreSale is you get the size you want and the colour, you don’t have to worry about it selling out because it’s made just for YOU.

Upcoming ideas I have in the pictures above, what collection do you like best? Showing you some styles I think are key to living a happy, relaxed comfortable and stylish lifestyle. I want all women to feel great so they can go through the entire day feeling confident and at ease!


Clothing Here

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